About us

Papirus started producing paperboard from carefully selected wastepaper over 60 years ago. Papirus makes different product lines, from 100% recycled paperboard to 100% virgin pulp paperboard.

Papirus Today

Today, Papirus has 372 employees and approximately 24 outsourced personnel, and produces 92,000 net tons per year of paperboard, which are sold in Brazil and exported to countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, and especially Latin America.

Corporate Identity

Reason for being

As the raw material used in our process requires the company to be in contact with many different people. Including members of paper collectors’ cooperatives, end-users, printing company managers and employees. These people directly or indirectly transform our lives with their work, dreams, and expectations.
This entire value chain is represented in Papirus’ brands and positioning.

Brand attributes

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

Walter Landor

The quote above illustrates well where Papirus began to reach its position. Through extensive research, Papirus consolidated the following brand attributes:
Flexibility, Transforming DNA and Valuable Relationships.



Papirus is flexible by nature because it has characteristics that set it apart in the market and are valued by those who interact with its team.

  • Innovation (investment in research in the pursuit for better products).
  • Customization (capacity to generate tailored projects to meet customer’s needs).
  • Product lines: from 100% virgin paperboard to 100% recycled paperboard.

DNA Transformador

Transforming DNA

Papirus has been a recycling company for over 60 years. Making it a part of company history.

  • Recycled.
  • Know-how (knowledge, experience).
  • People who make a difference.

Relações de Valor

Valuable Relationships

The relationships Papirus establishes with its many stakeholders (suppliers, customers, paper collectors’ cooperatives) must appeal to all parties. That is part of our way of doing business.

  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Satisfaction