It took more than 60 years of work dedicated to the art of producing paperboard for Papirus to discover it is more than a specialist in recycling. What Papirus does is Transformation

That is because the raw material used in our process requires the company to have contact with many different people. These include members of paper collectors’ cooperatives, end-users, printing companies’ managers and employees, people who directly or indirectly transform our lives with their work, their dreams, their expectations.
This entire value chain is represented in Papirus’ brands and positioning.

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The area of Expertise is Clube Vita’s key differencial. It is the means through which Papirus shares knowledge and makes its know-how available to its customers, in a proactive manner to grow together with them and to help achieve better results.

Those who buy Papirus paperboard are not only buying a product, they are acquiring all the company’s expertise and its pleasure to share it through Clube Vita’s training and relationship policies.

To qualify its customer’s inhouse teams, Papirus develops several trainings and activities. With these initiatives, Clube Vita members discover how to obtain the best results from our products with the people who know about the products the most: Papirus’ team.

Training on New Applications

In meetings with customer service, sales and the technical team, Papirus shows new application possibilities for its products, suggesting innovative solutions to win over the market.
Papirus also follows the project until it is approved by the customer.

Training on Production Process

Using on-site demonstrations, Papirus’ team unveils the production process for its paper, showing how they relate to the product’s final features.

Training on Production Lines

Papirus’ full line of products is presented by those who know about it the most: Papirus’ own technicians. During training they show details about each kind of paper, including classifications, comparisons and indications.

Technical Workshop

In a dynamic and hands-on workshop that includes the customer’s team participation, Papirus addresses specific topics on how to use its products, aiming at meeting your needs.

Editorial Content

Papirus sends a newsletter to all Clube Vita members with technical topics that are most relevant to those who work with paperboardin order to share knowledge at a distance. In addition, Papirus makes technical literature available for those who wish for more in depth information on a topic.

Papirus wants to always be close to its customers.
In order to do so, it seeks to tighten its relationship with them by going to them or having them visit the mill.

Visits to Papirus’ mill

Aiming at showing on-site how paperboard is produced and unveiling all its features and uses, this visit also includes a presentation that explains the production process, quality, safety and sustainability practices.

Visits to Customers

Through proactive visits to its customer network, Papirus seeks to better understand the business of each one of them. With a better interaction between the companies’ technical and sales departments, we aim to meet their specific needs, focusing our efforts on their results.

In addition to closely following the production process and quickly answering any questions or difficulties, Papirus bets on a long-lasting and beneficial relationship with its customers. That is why it foresees problems and creates innovative solutions through consulting actions and a department that develops more affordable products.

To grow together with its customers, Papirus bets on long-lasting and beneficial relationships.
The foundation for those relationships is dedicated customer service that goes beyond sales.

Problem Solving

Papirus is always willing to solve occasional non-compliance cases involving their products and helps their customers when they have difficulties in using them.
For that Papirus quickly schedules technical service visits, aiming at mitigating the impact on deadlines and costs for the customer.

Product Technical Presentations

During visits to the customer’s sales teams, Papirus offers a deep understanding on the product’s features and technical possibilities.
An opportunity to show its differentials and which applications provide more benefits so the professionals can sell them.

For Papirus, knowledge is the basis for innovation. To improve and create new products, it develops research in many fields.
Clube Vita members are encouraged to innovate with Papirus accessing this information and helping to create new projects.

Analysis of Countertypes

With an eye on everything that happens in the market, Papirus performs frequent analysis of its competitors products. Enabling it to monitor its position vis-à-vis the competition and makes constant improvements to its products.

To help its customers improve and develop technical and market aspects in relation to paper, Papirus offers a few consulting modules. These modules provide qualified service, focused on the needs of each business, in addition to aiding in shared visits to end-users.

Technology Modules

According to the results from its research, Papirus offers specific and customized modules on knowledge on printing technologies to help customers with their purchasing decisions or entering new markets.